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Peppermint Crisp Tart

Peppermint Crisp Tart

A true South African classic, nothing says “taste of home” quite like a Peppermint Crisp tart. Layering it with Bakers Tennis® biscuits is the quickest way to make an already awesome pudding the very best to impress your guests.
1.  200 g Bakers Tennis® biscuits  
2.  385 g tin Nestlé Caramel Treat  
3.  250 ml whipping cream  
4.  1 large Peppermint Crisp bar or Peppermint chocolate bar, chopped  
1. Whip cream to soft peaks. Add the caramel and mix until smooth.
2. Lay a single layer of Bakers Tennis® biscuits at the bottom of a pudding dish or casserole.
3. Cover evenly with the caramel cream mixture about 1 cm thick. Crumble a handful of Peppermint Crisp or peppermint chocolate. Continue to layer the biscuits and caramel cream mixture and chocolate, making sure to finish with a layer of the caramel cream mixture and a good sprinkle of peppermint chocolate at the top.
4. Refrigerate for a few hours or overnight until set.
5. To make Individual servings (makes at least 6 individual servings): whip cream to soft peaks. Add the caramel and mix until smooth.
6. Place a single Bakers Tennis® biscuit in the base of a pudding glass or bowl.
7. Add a large dollop of caramel cream and a sprinkle of chopped Peppermint chocolate.
8. Add another two biscuit and caramel cream mixture layers, before finishing with a good sprinkle of peppermint chocolate.
9. Refrigerate for a few hours until set.
Decorate with fresh mint leaves and some Bakers Mini Tennis® biscuits!
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