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Scalli's Braai Mix, 500ml

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Scalli's Worcester Braai Mix (500 ml)

Allergens: Wheat (Gluten), Soya, Eggs, May contain Milk.

Ingredients: Beef stock, granules (Soy), Salt, Wheat (Gluten), M.S.G (E621), Flavouring [Salt, maize, acids (E334, E262), Colorants (E150c, E153), spices (irradiated), flavour enhancer(E631,E627), capsicum extract, flavourings, chilli extract], Irradiated Herbs & Spices, Maize, Vegetable Powder (garlic, onion) Sugar, Flavourings (Soy, Egg), Vegetable oil (sunflower), Permitted colorants (E155), Anti-caking agents (E551).

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